We have combined our experiences, one as a dual Olympian and professional athlete and the other as a personal trainer, to bring you unique training programs that will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Along with the training programs, we provide real time videos so that you can workout with us, in depth nutrition and lifestyle information and detailed explanations of how to perform each exercise and workout (including warm up and cool down).

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This high intensity training program is for adults of all ages and is designed to tone and shape your body in a desirable way, make you feel and look better, strengthen your body and improve your overall health.


This program is for ages 12-17* and is designed to improve athletic performance in young athletes, with program goals being to run faster, jump higher, get stronger, improve foot speed, improve flexibility and improve coordination.

*This is just a guide, as development varies from person to person, so parental discretion is advised.

Meet Tiwi

Tiwi grew up on the island of Bali. Her mum was a yoga teacher and as a youth she always had a huge interest in sports and physical activity.
Now, she’s a personal trainer, a loving mum and a wife who’s passionate about health and fitness.

Over the past ten years or so as a PT she’s had the chance to test, experience and learn a wide variety of training techniques that she has used to help create Team Barlow Elite Fitness.
Not only has this type of training helped her shed body fat, increase muscle strength, shape her body and increase her athletic ability, it has been instrumental in getting her pre-pregnancy body back shortly after giving birth.

Tiwi lives and breathes fitness but as a mother and a wife she understands the pressures and responsibilities of family life and the difficulties of maintaining personal fitness. Even so, she works out daily (often following Team Barlow’s program), fuels her body with healthy foods and enjoys helping others incorporate simple fitness routines into their busy lives.

Meet David

David is a professional basketball player, a dual Olympian and a loving father and husband.

After spending a year playing college basketball in the US, David started his professional career in 2003. With stints in Sydney, Melbourne, Spain and Poland together with playing in the Australian Men’s team in the ’06 and ’10 World Championships and the ’08 Beijing and ’12 London Olympics he’s had the chance to learn from and be trained by the best coaches and trainers in the world. He’s also played along side and competed against some of the best athletes in history, always studying their training techniques, body types and biomechanics.

In collaboration with Tiwi, these experiences have helped him create Team Barlow Elite Fitness.

David’s body is his livelihood, he trains daily, stretches regularly and maintains his body with good, healthy foods.


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