why us?

why we created this program

We want to help people reach their fitness goals. Whether that is by becoming stronger, becoming more athletic, losing body fat, gaining muscle, looking and feeling better, having more energy or just being healthier.

To do this we have developed our own workout programs designed to
benefit anybody who is trying to achieve their individual fitness goals.

Through our experiences, in particular Tiwi’s journey as a personal trainer and a new mum and David’s career as a professional basketball player and Olympian, we have been exposed to a huge variety of training techniques and methods.

We have drawn on these experiences, combined the training methods that we’ve each learnt then put them together in a way that is likely to be of most benefit to you in programs that are quick and easy to perform. The result is these workouts, where we share our experiences with you leading to a happy, healthier life.

Tiwi: A few years ago while living in Spain (as David was playing there), we were on our own, on the other side of the world with a three-month old son.
While David was at training most of the day, I was at home with our son.
I had very little time (as most mums do) to workout and try to get back to my pre-pregnancy condition.

To solve this problem, we would write workouts that were super high intensity yet didn’t take much time, didn’t require complex gym equipment or expensive club memberships and were easy to do at home.

My friends have always asked me about workouts they could do at home and if I could send them workout ideas or write them a program. So I thought it would be easier to write a program that everyone could do from home, and that’s where the idea for Team Barlow’s ‘Athletic Body’ program began.

David: Around the same time, I found myself wishing that all the training knowledge I have now was available to me when I was younger, so that I could have worked more effectively on my athleticism at a younger age.

Being Australian and recently losing to the US at the Olympics, I was thinking ‘why are they better than us?’ The answer was easy – they’re better physically. I began thinking of ways that I could help young athletes to become stronger and more athletic as I wished I had done.

So I began writing workouts, with Tiwi, that young athletes could do to improve their athletic ability, especially at an age before they’re physically ready to lift heavy weights.